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About Business Objects

SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 brings a raft of new features to the table, not to mention re-naming more than a few of the existing applications and tools. The new release will also bring much smoother integration between the previously tricky to integrate SAP and Business Objects tools.
Naming Conventions:
SAP Business Objects Enterprise will now be known as SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform. • InfoView will now be referred to as the BI Launch Pad.
New Features
Throughout the complete platform SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 offers a more consistent and unified interface, which will allow users to seamlessly move between applications. A key feature is that most products now offer a ribbon menu, similar to that in Microsoft Office, from which most functionality is available.

Course History:
BO stands for Business Objects as the name says it is used for performance management and enterprise information management. BO was fully operational from Jan 2008.The highpoint of SAP BO is crystal reports. Crystal reports are a flexible tool for production and maintenance of formatted reports. SAP BO basically has a suite of Business related front-end applications which help Business Executives sort and evaluate the entire data related to a particular Business entity


  • Globally each and every business is running effectively because of data and if this data has to be maintained in an organized and sequential way no matter the size of business or complexity of data, then SAP BO will make sure that the entire data management process is easy, efficient and reliable to use.
  • A dashboard is a layout wherein the company’s performance in terms of revenues will be accurately maintained and apart from that, the criterion needed to enhance the effectiveness of the business is also mentioned. SAP BO has inbuilt Dashboard which has helped many companies ease their performance analysis.
  • SAP BO has an excellent feature “WHAT IF ANALYSIS” which has been highly recognized and used in most of the major corporate organizations.
  • SAP BO uses crystal reports which again play a vital role to ease complex business processes.
  • SAP BO is used for the enormous amount of data security purposes as well.

Implementation of SAP BO:
Implementing SAP BO in an organization requires five phases which are as follows:
Phase 1: Planning
In this phase, A SAP BO Consultant will identify the Company’s key objectives and needs for successful implementation of SAP BO, once the needs are identified then after the implementation plan is designed.
Phase 2: Design
Once the planning is done then after a BO Expert will develop a blueprint for the system and the core application is implemented, simultaneously the training will also be initiated to all the key employees who are going to use SAP BO Application framework for at least creating basic customized reports for data exploration.
Phase 3: Development
In Development Phase, the implementation team will get involved and see to that they come out with a feasible solution that will help reach the company’s business goals. Simultaneously systematic testing is also performed to check whether the application built can work as per the company’s requirement.
Phase 4: Installation and training
After the application is developed then the installation is performed, apart from that the training will also get started to impart knowledge to all the key employees who will be using SAP BO Solutions from now on.
Phase 5: Post Installation
Lastly, a SAP BO Consultant will impart the entire knowledge regarding implementation, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting aspects to the technical team who are directly involved in using the BO Application so that in the future they can independently handle the technical issues.

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